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After our trip to San Diego, we drove up to Palm Springs to celebrate our anniversary. I love Palm Springs so much!

We stopped at Intelligentsia Coffee in Pasadena on the way to the airport.

What a hottie.

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Every morning, Geordi hangs out on Ryan’s office chair before he starts working.

Stella and Geordi are finally BFFs.

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I am still dreaming about this Christmas Eve spread

Enjoyed with this hunk


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Hi there! I’ve been out of town at the most beautiful wedding of my beautiful friends Ashley and Hardik.

Amazing rehearsal dinner in Geyserville.

Henna party!

The bride and I in our chiniya cholis.

I have some awesome pickle recipes to post too, so check back later this week!

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my parents came to visit us in portland! it was the best weekend. i wish they lived closer.




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Happy New Year!

We decided at the last minute to stay in this year. Sometimes the best party is at home <3

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2010!

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I’m 27 now. Late twenties. It feels really nice actually. Ryan planned the perfect day for me. He is the sweetest.

He gave me a little camera for my birthday. I am super excited!

We started at the Fresh Pot for a perfect latte and a perfect pepper bagel. Then he took me to Powell’s for two hours of blissful browsing. I ended up with an embarrassingly large stack of books – mostly about urban farming and eating locally and sustainably. I also picked up Mastering the Art of French Cooking, because it’s high time I learned how to make aspic.

We went to the ACE Hotel to admire the terrariums.

And take photos at the photo booth.

Then! To Bread and Ink for a late brunch.

Ryan took this touching photo of the bread and butter basket.

Then we went to one of those crazy junk shops on Hawthorne where I scored some new yellow “glass” grapes.

And Ryan talked me into this righteous piece of furniture, promising to turn the TV case into an aquarium someday.

We napped and then got all dolled up for dinner at Ned Ludd. Actually, Ned Ludd was really busy and the guy was snobby so we decided to go to Farm, which is my favorite place in Portland so far.

Because it was my birthday, we got cheese instead of dessert. Mmm.

We came back and then walked over to Pix. It was Monday movie night and they were playing It’s a Wonderful Life. We split a bottle of champange and some delicious chocolate things (which came with a sparkler!), and stayed until the part where George and Mary get married. After that, it’s all downhill so we took off.

Pretty much the most fabulous birthday ever. I am lucky to have Ryan because he makes it so special. Xoxo.

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Ryan and I carved pumpkins! For the first time ever I think we actually had a place to put them, and the possibility of trick or treaters. We only got 3 trick or treaters though. Ha.

Guess who carved which pumpkin?



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Ryan’s birthday

Some pictures from Ryan’s birthday a month ago. He ate all you can eat ribs with friends and I bought him a cheesecake at Trader Joes because all of my baking stuff was already in a box. I served it on a cutting board. :)

I like these pictures.


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