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photos days 7-11

I have been bad at posting! Whoops!

December 7

coffee up!

Gerodi’s new favorite spot (above the heater vent)

Lunch with this guy

Got my hair cut! I love it.

December 8

These are delicious.

December 9

Videos projected onto the School of Social Work building at night.

December 10

Holiday party! So much cheese on that cheese plate.

The only one I got of Ryan’s amazing sequin bow tie.

I wish I had taken pictures of the appetizers! I put together a big cheese plate and had lots of crackers, but I also made a few special things. Dates stuffed with fontina and wrapped with bacon, Puff pastry pinwheels with cheese, arugula, and lemon zest, Cucumber cups with white bean puree and pimentos, Crostini with apple, raisin, and onion chutney and blue cheese, Crostini with caramelized onion dip, and Dried apricots with mascarpone cheese, almond, and honey. I also made eggnog which was incredibly easy and delicious. People brought snacks and drinks too. Fun fun fun!





So many hotties!

December 11





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photos day 6

It has been really cold in Portland!


Megan gave us an amazing little table for our shed. Thanks Megan!

Stay warm!

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photos december 4

Sunday was pretty amazing.

I went to a cat show with my friend Celeste!

We even got to hold one! I learned a lot about fancy cats!

There were a lot of cat ladies!

This judge was wearing a head to toe leopard print outfit. It was amazing.

We took Ryan’s mom out to dinner at the super delicious Screen Door. I had a really amazing dish with chanterelles and celery root. Yum.

I baked up come oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to cheer some people up.

And spent the rest of the evening with this guy. He just wrote a new blog post. You should check it out if you are feeling nerdy.

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photos day 3

It was a pretty awesome Saturday.

snuggly kitties

Walk to the hardware store in the (almost) freezing weather!



Our new cute chickens.

This shed is almost finished! I just need to finish painting it, and then we will install storage for tools and plants.

Cover crop is growing!


Hanging lights on the huge Dawn Redwood

More kitties

I really really love Christmas lights. I love them even more now that we live in Oregon. Oregon is so much colder and darker than San Francisco.  After Thanksgiving, once people started hanging up their Christmas lights, I felt warmer and more joyful.

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Silly kitty

Geordi is such a silly cat.

make gif
Make gif

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I haven’t really blogged in awhile! Lots of big things have happened in the past few weeks.

We almost bought a house! Hopefully we close on June 4th – I didn’t realize it takes so long to buy a house after you pick one out. We feel really lucky to have this one though – it’s an awesome 1902 Victorian farmhouse on a dividable lot! I’ll post more about it once we have the keys. No celebrating until then!

Two months after sweet Custer passed, we adopted this little furry baby. His name is Geordi La Forge Roser, and he is totally rambunctious! And adorable! (And yes, his eye is a little winky – the vet gave us some medicine for that). He’s a sweet little boy and I adopted him through a woman who volunteers with The Oregon Cat (oregoncat.org), which is a great organization that helps rescue feral kitties and does low cost spay and neuter clinics. It is so important to spay and neuter pets – there are so many homeless pets out there and it breaks my heart.

Ryan thinks Geordi is part squirrel. He likes to hop and bite.

And snuggle!

I fractured my fibula in an embarrassing and unexciting incident at a party. I wasn’t drunk or participating in extreme sports. I’m just clumsy. Now I’m on crutches and will hopefully feel better in 6-8 weeks.

It’s been so HARD to just sit back and rest this week. I took time off of school, work, and my field placement, and just sat on the couch. I’ve been on a lot of painkillers, so I haven’t even really caught up on papers or reading. I did catch up on Sunset magazine, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Oh! I’ve also gone gluten-free. See – lots of things happening here.

More on that later.


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