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rain rain rain

It’s been pouring in Portland.

I miss the sun!

And my tan! Okay, it’s a sunburn.


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Things have been tough around here lately with Custer gone. Stella seems to be feeling better and more playful.

But it’s spring and the daffodils and paperwhites and tulips have bloomed, the trees are flowering, and in our backyard it sounds like there are a million tropical birds. The days are longer, the sunshine is warm, and we are all in the mood to drink wine in the afternoons and barbecue in the evenings.

Trader Joe’s was selling basil plants so I picked one up.

Dinner last night was whole wheat pasta shells with ribbons of basil and a quart of those tomatoes I canned last summer. It was so delicious – there is nothing more delicious than a summer tomato. I didn’t expect the flavors to be as bright as they were in August, but they were.

I just can’t get over how wonderful it is to have a yard with trees and birds and squirrels. Seeing everything in bloom reminds me to slow down and breathe. Winter in Portland is pretty depressing, but the feeling of warmth and joy that comes with spring makes it worth it.

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It snowed in Portland! The day after my birthday! Ryan and I have never really been in snow before so it was super exciting!

Ryan was so happy! He ran around like a little kid.

We weren’t sure how much snow there would be, so he hurried to make a snowball.

I had to go meet with a client, which was fine, but driving back from my meeting was really scary and took forever. But the day was still young!

The chickens were not happy.

We just wanted to walk around and crunch our feet in the snow. So fun!

Our front steps

I LOVE snow! Everything was so quiet and peaceful.

We walked around the corner and went to Eat for beer and fried pickles.

Which were delicious.

Then we decided to walk over to Irving Park with our trash can lid to see if we could sled. A trash can lid is not a very good sled, but it was still a good time.

so beautiful

In the morning, we checked on the chickens. They were mostly unhappy that they couldn’t get out to look for worms.

Ryan really wanted all of this snow to fall on my head but I was smart and stood back.

Yay for snow!

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early Mondays

waiting for the max on monday morning.

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